The following books are available in the Social Justice Library. Books marked with an asterisk are available at the Rectory, others are in the Library at the Parish Center.

        Author(s)                                                                 Title

*O'Brien, D. and Shannon, T.                            Catholic Social Thought

*Pontifical Council J&P                                      Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

*Jegen, M.E.                                                      Just Peacemakers

*Wilber. R., ed.                                                 Catholic Spending and Acting Justly

*Grazer, W.                                                       Catholics Going Green

*Muller, R., ed.                                                  God, Creation, and Climate Change

*Simon, P.                                                         Fifty-two Simple Ways to Make a Difference

*McCormick, P.                                                Sold

Bishops of Tennessee                                         But I Say to You ... (Capital Punishment)

Bishops of Appalachia                                        At Home in the Web of Life

US Catholic Bishops                                          Economic Justice for All (Tenth Anniversary ed.)

Benedict XVI                                                     Charity in Truth

Kammer, F. Doing                                             Faith Justice (original)

Burghardt, W.                                                    Justice a Global Adventure

DeBerri, H., Hug, J., et al                                   Catholic Social Teaching Today (4t" ed.)

Henriot, P., DeBerri, E., et al                              Catholic Social Teaching Today (3'a ed.)

Working Group JPIC                                         Integrity of Creation/Global Warming & Climate...

Web pages                                                        Srs. of St. Joseph -  Springfield Social Justice C0mmittee

Web page                                                         Justice and Peace Committee, St. Mary's in Lynn, MA

Web page                                                         Denver Justice and Peace Committee

Web pages                                                        Archdiocese of' Chicago Guidebook for Creating a Social Justice Commidttee



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