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Why Comprehensive Immigration Reform Will Help

Comprehensive immigration reform helps families and strengthens communities


PROBLEM: Approximately five million American children live with at least one undocumented parent.

SOLUTION: Require undocumented individuals to come forward and register with the government, pass a background check, pay fines and back taxes, and demonstrate proficiency in English. Upon completing this process, they could work and live legally in this country, and eventually apply for permanent residency and full citizenship.

Comprehensive immigration reform helps workers.

PROBLEM: Workers in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have lost $56.4 million/week in labor law violations. U.S. and immigrant workers suffer when immigration enforcement trumps labor rights.

SOLUTION: Protect U.S. and immigrant workers by informing people of existing labor protection policies, and increasing penalties for employers who break the law.

Comprehensive immigration reform addresses demand.

PROBLEM: Our current system allows approximately 5,000 annual visas to low skilled laborers. Yet estimated annual demand for these workers runs close to 500,000.

SOLUTION: Create flexible channels for future legal immigration that allow more foreign workers into the U.S. during strong economic times.

Comprehensive immigration reform helps the economy.

PROBLEM: A shrinking U.S. workforce and increased congressional spending have created high government deficits.

SOLUTION: Legalizing the millions of undocumented workers in our economy would compel them and their employers to contribute payroll and income taxes, generating more than a trillion dollars in tax revenues.

Last but not least, comprehensive immigration reform will allow us to maintain our heritage as a vibrant nation of diversity and strength.

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See also: Long Island Wins:  which provides resources and insight to promote immigration solutions that include and work for everyone; and Long Island Immigration Alliance: which is an alliance of diverse community, religious, labor, and immigrant organizations working together in solidarity with all immigrants who are an integral part of our Long Island communities<; and Jobs with Justice  which has an information and training program and legal help to assist those who are threatened with deportation.  

Immigration Resources on Long Island:

Long Island Immigrant Alliance

Provides support to all Long Island immigrants and seeks to facilitate the creation of an inclusive and welcoming society. The Long Island Immigrant Alliance is composed of diverse community, religious, labor, and immigrant organizations.

The Workplace Project
Centro de Derechos Laborales, works to end the exploitation of Latino immigrant workers on Long Island and to achieve socioeconomic justice by promoting the full political, economic, and cultural participation of these workers in the communities in which they live.

Jobs with Justice
is a national campaign for the rights of all workers, fighting with coalitions of labor, community, religious, and student groups. Long Island Jobs with Justice is one of over forty chapters nationwide that organizes in support of workers’ rights campaigns.

Long Island Latino Teachers Association
was established as a non-profit organization to advocate for high quality education to an underserved population of students. They work within the educational system to address the common risk factors that impact the academic outcomes of the Latino population and other ethnic groups.

Nassau County Coordinated Agency for Spanish Americans (C.A.S.A.)
is a resource and referral agency regarding national, state, and local resources, which contribute to the education and general welfare of Hispanic and Latino Americans in Nassau County.

American Civil Liberties Union – Nassau and Suffolk County Chapters
are dedicated to the protection of civil liberties as embodied in the Bill of Rights. Their mission is to defend the constitutional rights of the people they serve through advocacy and involvement in the legislative process, and to educate the community about civil liberties issues.

Organización Latino Americana (OLA)
OLA of Eastern Long Island is a nonprofit advocacy organization that promotes the social, economic, cultural, and educational development of the Latino community on the East End of Long Island through programs and forums.

Long Island Civic Participation Project
(LICPP) collaborates with labor unions and community organizations supporting worker justice and civic empowerment for new immigrants across the Long Island.

Mobilized Interfaith Campaign Against Hunger
strives to alleviate hunger and poverty on Long Island.

Catholic Charities Immigrant Services/Refugee Resettlement
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Rockville Centre assists in serving the basic needs of the poor, troubled, weak, and oppressed, and is committed to addressing the causes of injustice. They aim to organize and empower people to secure the participation of all community members.

The New York Immigration Coalition
(NYIC) is an umbrella policy and advocacy organization for more than 200 groups in New York State that work with immigrants and refugees. With its multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multi-sector base, the NYIC provides both a forum for immigrant groups to share their concerns and a vehicle for collective action to address these concerns

Central American Refugee Center

(CARECEN-N.Y.) is a non-profit organization serving the immigration law needs of the foreign-born community on Long Island. CARECEN works for the fair treatment of all, and towards the full integration of immigrants into Long Island's civic life. Contact: Hempstead Office 516-489-8330 Brentwood Office 631-273-8721

American Jewish Committee of Long Island (AJC)
is guided by the principle that the rights and freedoms of Jews and minorities are safe only when they are secure for all. To that end, the Long Island chapter emphasizes activities that reach out in innovative ways to other faith communities and ethnic groups.

The Long Island Council of Churches (LICC) the coordinating body for the ecumenical work of churches throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. Their extensive network of social support resources and ability to mobilize the volunteer and advocacy efforts of nearly 800 faith communities makes the LICC uniquely qualified to respond to the emergency needs of the least fortunate throughout our region.


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